1/12/21 The American river is still disappointing, we only had one grab on a
Hot Shot today by a fish that was barely bigger than the hot shot!

1/3/21 to 1/10/21 Folsom is kicking out some really nice kings, we scored 4 out
of 6 on Sunday the 3rd.and 14 out of 15 hookups on Sunday the 10th.  

Happy new year gang, well sort of. The American river Steelhead opener was a
bust! We only saw 2 fish landed and heard of another, but that doesn't mean
we wont keep trying. Time to hit Folsom and see whats going on there.

10/30/20 The Sac metro area king fishing is anything but stellar, but were still
sticking it out for one or two a day. The water temps have dropped and we
should start seeing the late fall "big dogs" showing up!

9/22/20 Just got back from the fall season on the Klamath. Even though the fall
run quota was met pretty quickly once the fish came in, fishing for jacks
(23inches and under) was a blast. These fish are fresh out of the salt and fight
like a much larger fish, especially on light tackle. Now on to the Sacramento!

7/28/20  We survived the plague(covid-19) and just got back from 2 awesome
weeks on the Klamath, where the fishing was so-so, to stellar depending on the
tide and what you were fishing with. Rolled anchovies were the hot ticket, once
the fish decided to make their way into the river. We're gonna give the Feather
a go in a day or two and see if we can score a springer there. Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for a fishing report as soon as we can start fishing again!

2/1/20 The American is finally starting to produce some Steelhead. Nothing big
to the net yet,but we scored on both trips this week on night crawlers behind a
jet diver. Word from downriver is that some more fish have moved in, so we'll
keep after them, stay tuned!   

12/3/19 Got our computer working again so we can get out a report. There's
still nice fish in the river and they're BIG. Heard about a 35 and a 40 pounder
caught this week. Don scored a bright 18 this week! Still a couple of weeks left
in the season!

9/26/19 The Feather river is where the action is! You don't need to wade into
the white water at the outlet to get a fish. Back trolling plugs early in the
morning then switching to roe after the sun hits the water(typical right?). We
kept 3 out of the 10 we landed today up to 18 lbs.

9/19/19 A couple of weeks at the Klamath are over and we are back to an
internet connection. The fishing was awesome as usual with a lot of smaller
fish this year, but what they lacked in size they made up with enthusiasm. The
bite was primarily in the estuary on the usual Kastmasters. We're now fishing
the local rivers for kings.

7/28/19 Just got back from a couple of weeks at the mouth of the Klamath,
and while the fishing wasn't stellar, we still managed to get a few of the hard
fighting football shaped spring salmon for the smoker. The weather wasn't half
bad at a cool 65 degrees either, considering that the temp at home was 105.
We'll be back up on 8/24 for the fall run so look for some pictures of some
fatties if we can get internet service out in the boonies!

5/17/19 This week the weather changed a bit, but the Liskies braved the wind
and rain to score a 9 pound catfish, a 20 inch, 3 pound king, a 19 inch
landlocked Steelhead and a few smaller kings and rainbows. Our neighbor
Steve and his grandson Danny put on their raincoats and found a couple of nice
rainbows too.

5/7/19 Folsom continues to pump out limits of planter and holdover Rainbow
Trout with an occasional King Salmon thrown in for fun. The fishing will
continue to be good until the jetskis run us off the lake.

5/2/19 Stripers are hitting like crazy on the Feather river. The river is running
high and swift but minnows still seems to be the hot ticket.

2/21/19 Well it finally quit raining enough to go and see if Folsom was fishable
while we wait for the American to drop back into shape. The word is yes! Don
and Igor joined me for a chilly day on Folsom and ther're glad they did. We
scored 9 rainbows and 2 Kings to 18.5 inches on just about every combination
we tried. The north fork had the big bows while the south fork had the kings.
Everything was shallow above 20 feet that is, and the water color good without
any floating debris.

2/11/19 The American is still producing some really nice Steelhead since the
last rains. Our buddy Jim Palmus scored a nice hen and made it to the cover of
the local paper as well as the local fishing rag. The water guys raised the water
flows down the river so we may have to sit it out while things drop and clear a

1/23/19 Folsom has muddied up a little from the last week of storms but fish
are still available. The north fork is a nice army truck green with minimal
debris. The south fork has a little bit more brown to the water, but the fish are
still hitting speedy shiners and rapalas fast trolled.  

1/20/19 The American is still producing some nice sized steelhead since
opening day on the first of the year. Last week our buddy scored a nice 29 inch
hen on a Hot Shot and yours truly got to reel in a 30 inch buck. both fish had
spawned and were a little dark, but fun none the less. This last week of rain
appears to have pulled a fresh batch of up the river so give us a call and get in
on the action.  

1/10/19 Folsom is producing some decent Kings and Rainbows to 13 or 14
inches. The north fork is fishing better than the rest of the lake at the moment.
We scored a dozen fish with an even match of kings and rainbows. The biters
were above 40 ft and hitting a host of different offerings.

12/16/18 Well the Salmon season ended without any fanfare, so now it's on to
Folsom Lake until new years day when the Steelhead on the American opens.
We'll be in the drift boat for Steelies on the American and the big boat on
Folsom for Rainbows and Landlocked Kings. Come join the fun!

11/10/18 The big dogs are here, Gary scored a nice 26 pound hen on a
silvertron spinner. Fish are hitting spinners and cut plugs trolled downstream.

10/18/18 The big fall run salmon have finally started to show up in better
numbers on the Sacramento river and the next few weeks should only get

9/12/18 The Klamath fall run was the best we've seen in quite a few years, but
now its over. The quota was met on the 9th so we're back home and gettin
ready to fish the Sacramento system.

8/2/18 Well we're back to civilization and the internet so here's the report!
The Klamath is still fishing well with limits some days and not quite a limit
others, with a skunk thrown in to keep us humble. The big fall run fish are
showing up in greater numbers now and the fall count will start the 15th. We
will be back up in the nice cool weather starting the 11th, so come up and play!

7/1/18 The Klamath is kickin out some nice springers on anchovies, spinners
and chrome Kastmasters. We'll be starting up our springer fishing on the 14th.
Cmon up and join the fun!

6/1/18 Went in search of new waters today. Tried Sugar pine reservoir and
found willing biters on nightcrawlers behind Seps Sidekicks in watermelon or
pink and copper. We scored our limits and lost count of how many we
released. Nothing photo worthy but fun just the same!

5/18/18 The rivers are warm and the stripers have spawned. The action is
down in the delta know.

4/18/18 The Feather river Striper bite is wide open. We scored our 6 keeper
limit and released 15 shakers and were done by noon. Time to get on the boat!

Back from our cruise and back to fishing. Folsom is still kickin out nice native
rainbows on speedy shiners at 20 ft deep over in the south fork. Run the
chrome and chartreuse or the new cop car to score these hard fighting

2/5/18 Ran the American today and landed a nice native fish, lost two really
nice fish just out of net range, and had another grab that didn't stick, all on
Hotshots. Everybody was camera shy so no photos today!

2/3/18 Had a good striper bite for a couple of hours after the tide change down
in the delta. We landed 8 keepers and a shaker and lost a couple more trolling
sardine blue Yo-Zuri crystal minnows. Fun Stuff!

1/29/18 Folsom finally gave up a King down by the dam at 40ft. He hit a GVF
glow and purple tinsel hoochie behind a Fusion dodger. We also landed a
planter bow up the north fork on a crawler behind a watermelon sidekick. Had
a couple of more grabs and a couple of on and offs, but none of those hard
fighting blue backs we got last week. The speedy shiner bite was a no show

1/15/18 Zane and Chance scored some really nice rainbows today up the north
fork of the American. We landed 4 out of the 8 hooked.

1/11/18 Folsom Lake is kickin out some really nice rainbows this time of year.
The Kings are a no show so far, but it looks like they're lurking down at the 60
foot level on the sonar. Might take dynamite to get one to come to the surface.
The Rainbows are hitting nightcrawlers on the surface behind Sidekick dodgers
and wee tads down to 25 feet.

1/1/18 The American river Steelhead season started off a little slow, but it
wasn't for the lack of effort by every driftboat in the county. The hatchery has
just started spawning this seasons fish, so they might be a little late this year.

12/14/17 The salmon season is pretty much over, but there's still nice fish in
the river. On to Folsom for land locked Salmon and Rainbows. Steelie season
is  coming soon to the American Too.

10/20/17 The Sacramento metro area has been fishing well, with every day
different. One day we're a hero with limits of nice bright kings, then the next
day we strike out and miss the school all together. Brads Killer fish in Glow
nose are working at first light, then Flashers and cut plugs the rest of the day.
Silvertrons are hitting in pink/pearl as well.

10/11/17 The big females finally showed up for us yesterday with the fresh
school that moved into the sac metro area. Limits of bright kings with scales
and sea lice are possible trolling Flashers and Brads cut plugs. Get out there and
get one \\\
8/22/17 The big sac Kings are starting to trickle in. Juan scored a nice 22
pounder and lost another today. it's only gonna get better!

8/1/17 Well we're back from 3 weeks in paradise on the Klamath river. Once
the fish came in, it was limits every day for our guys, with a couple thrown in
for the guide. Big fish was 23 pounds. They were hitting rolled anchovies,
spinners and kastmasters, trolled in the estuary. Now it's time to hit the local
rivers and see whats happinin at home!

4/25/17 The big females have finally started to show on the Feather river. The
fishing is tough with the high flows causing the river to run through the
orchards, dropping trees, tearing down the banks, and mudding up the river,
but we're getting fish. Work the back eddies and slow spots where the fish are

The Klamath has been a little slow with the exception being the mouth or spit
as it's known. Sunday and Monday a big group of fish came through and the
flossers did well. So well that the river is now closed to the take of adult Kings
over 22 inches.

The Sacramento river kings are just starting to show up. Lisa and Barry
decided that we needed to and we're glad they did. This little Jack wasn't much
but he's better than none.

Well Stripers are pretty much over so we switched over to  Folsom lake. As
usual, some days you're the hero and some days your the zero. Last week we
scored 7 out of 14 hookups, today landed all 4 fish that bit, but that was it.
We're gonna blame it on the Strawberry moon.

The Feather and Sac are red hot for Strippers this week with lots of shakers
and adults hitting drifted minnows. get em while its hot!

Yippie!  Finally got our hot rod sled back!   

Well they doubled the flows on the American which muddied things up a
bunch. There is still some nice fish in the river, but ya gotta work for them.

American river Steelhead are back and thier BIG this year. Our Buddie Dan
Crutchfield scored this nice 29inch hen on a chrome Hot Shot/crawler The
water is a little clouded so the favorite has been the Cop car Hot Shot. Should
be interesting as the flows come up and the river clears.

10/29 to 11/01  This weekend we went from zero to hero and back to zero in
three days. Thursday we trolled all day for nada, while the guys jigging picked
up a couple. Friday we scored three on spinners for the Purple Heart veterans
on board. Go back out sunday and try the same tricks, in the same spots and
NADA. BUT AT LEAST ITS RAINING. Our buddy Keith scored a beautiful
22 lb buck on Friday that was still sporting it's scales fresh out of the ocean.

10/22/15 Their BAAAAAK!  Sac river Kings that is. Ron scored this nice 14
pounder and I got a blushed up(darkie). Their hitting back trooled plugs and
spinners, and it's only gonna get better.

10/5/15 Well were still waiting for the Sacramento river bite to start, ANY day
now! Waiting patiently, (well sort of).

9/9/15 Klamath, Ca. The fish continue to pour into the river with the lions
share of the catch being at the spit, where flossing beads is a sure limit for
most. Fishing upriver has been good with most of the fish hitting boondogged
roe in the deeper holes and side drifted or bobberdogged in the shallower runs.
3/4 oz. gold  Kastmasters continue to hold their own as well in the deep holes
where the fish are holding. The river temp continues to drop and the clarity is

8/20/15 The natives dug a new channel through the sand bar at the mouth and
the water that came down from the Trinity nearly flooded us out of the
campground before it blew the mouth of the river wide open. The fish are
pouring in. We had a good day, scoring a jack and a super jack(23 inches) on
roe up river. On the way down the river we stopped at one of my favorite
holes and scored 4 beautiful adults to 18 pounds on gold Kastmasters.

8/18/15 Klamath King fishing is on hold for the moment while the kings wait
for the starting gun to go. We're getting a couple here and there but the biters
are primarily Steelhead. The mouth is open with a long southbound gauntlet
through the sand bar and a few fish are trickling in, but a good push of fish has
yet to come.

Folsom Is still hit and miss, but the fish we are getting are for the most part
quality fish, with Kings from 21 to 25 inches and up to 5 pounds, and holdover
Rainbows to 20 inches. The kings are biting in the south fork on just about
anything when they want to bite. Crawlers behind Sidekicks will always work
for Rainbows, and don't forget the speedy shiners and needlefish.

3/6/15 Folsom is producing some real nice hard fighting kings from 40 to 60
feet down, in the north fork. Rainbow are hitting crawlers and spinners in the
top 30 feet too.

3/5/15 The American continues to produce some nice Steelhead. We scored 2
nice chrome 26 inchers on a crome Hot Shot/ crawler combo, while releasing
another before we could get her picture.

2/17/15 Some real nice spring run Steelhead have shown up in the American.
We scored a nice 30 inch hen out of 6 fish on, and at least another 4 or 5 good
grabs on hot shots, cleos, blue foxes and believe it or not, an old chrome super

2/2/15 Folsom still sucks, but it's still worth a shot. Try copper /pink sidekicks
with a crawler on top for the rainbows and blue/glow hoochies for the kings

1/30/15  Folsom is a little slow but you can still hook a rainbow on a crawler on
top water and a king down around 30 feet or so on anything glowing green or

1/1/15  Happy New Year gang. Our annual American river float trip was a bust
this year. Seems everybody and his brother wanted a Steelie and decided today
was the day to go stand in the river. Heavy pressure kept the totals down for
just about everybody I talked to, but there ARE fish in the water, so get out

The American is low and slow, hopefully we will get some rain soon and some
more Steelies will show.
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